• Bitcoin/$40000
  • Litecoin/$100
  • Ethereum/$4000
  • Bitcoin Cash/$1000
  • Tron/$1
  • DogeCoin/$1
  • Xrp/$1

DogeMaxMining, Help You Mining Dogecoin & Earn Millions Dogecoin

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01 DogeMaxMining Plan

Choose Your Dogecoin Mining Plan
Starter Miner
  • Daily: For 10 Days
  • Deposit: 100 Dogecoin
  • Profit Daily: 10.9 Doge
  • Doge Power: 1000 Dh/s
  • Electricity Fee: Free
  • Mining Now
Golden Miner
  • Daily: For 30 Days
  • Deposit: 500 Dogecoin
  • Profit Daily: 22 Doge
  • Doge Power: 5000 Dh/s
  • Electricity Fee: Free
  • Mining Now
Diamond Miner
  • Daily: For 30 Days
  • Deposit: 5000 Dogecoin
  • Profit Daily: 282 Doge
  • Doge Power: 50000 Dh/s
  • Electricity Fee: Free
  • Mining Now
Goldman Miner
  • Daily: For 30 Days
  • Deposit: 15000 Dogecoin
  • Profit Daily: 1000.5 Doge
  • Doge Power: 150000 Dh/s
  • Electricity Fee: Free
  • Mining Now
JP Morgan Miner
  • Daily: For 30 Days
  • Deposit: 30000 Dogecoin
  • Profit Daily: 2502 Doge
  • Doge Power: 300,000 Dh/s
  • Electricity Fee: Free
  • Mining Now
Fed Miner
  • Daily: For 30 Days
  • Deposit: 150000 Dogecoin
  • Profit Daily: 15000 Doge
  • Doge Power: 1,500,000 Dh/s
  • Electricity Fee: Free
  • Mining Now
VIP Miner
  • Daily: For 30 Days
  • Deposit: 700000 Dogecoin
  • Profit Daily: 93380 Doge
  • Doge Power: 7,000,000 Dh/s
  • Electricity Fee: Free
  • Mining Now
Ultimate Miner
  • Daily: For 30 Days
  • Deposit: 1500000 Dogecoin
  • Profit Daily: 250050 Doge
  • Doge Power: 15,000,000 Dh/s
  • Electricity Fee: Free
  • Mining Now

02 About our company

Dogecoin is back in a BIG new mining operation empowered by $100 Million in VC funding. Ride the wave as Dogecoin goes GLOBAL.

Exciting Dogecoin has returned in a major mining company that is taking the crytocurrency community by storm. Back in 2021 Dogecoin went big earning Hundreds of Millions in profits in the legendary Bull Market that year.

Now DogeMaxMining is bigger than ever worldwide with 5 Dogecoin distributed mining farms in Russia, Iceland, USA, and Australia.

This is a massive operation lead by 10 respected mining experts with a capable staff of 125 skilled technicians. We've been deeply involved in crypto since the very beginning having served over 200,000 customers from more than 100 nations. Our company is registered in London: No 13945313.

Invest From Anywhere in the World

Forget limitations. Everyone globally can mine Dogecoin with just a few clicks. DogeMaxMining is available to ALL countries worldwide. We provide Dogecoin mining services to ALL users. And you NEVER have to pay a deposit or withdrawal fee.

benefits & advantages Right now we're giving ALL NEW MEMBERS Free 200Dh/s so you can start mining Dogecoin immediately.

We make it easy and affordable with a minimum deposit of just 150 Doge and minimum withdrawal of only 30 Doge.

Give Dogecoin a try and we're sure you will make it your #1 favorite for years to come. This dramatic new mining operation is this years most exciting in cryptocurrency.

It's easy and profitable to deposit your existing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bnb, Trx, Eth, and Perfectmoney to mine Dogecoin.

You can earn even more by sharing the DogeMaxMining story with associates, friends, and other investors. Earn a generous 5%~10% profit from your referrals Earning Daily.

Get started now! Our large professional staff and historic track record make this the easiest, most exciting world-wide Dogecoin Mining movement ever.

03 Our mission

We're What The World Needs Now

With world economies in flux, DogeMaxMining is exactly what everyone needs. Stocks, bonds, and other crypto may have their ups and down, but Dogecoin is rapidly become ever more valuable.

Our proven success combined with massive worldwide mining is making Dogecoin the new standard. While other investments slowly fade into the past, Doge will stand supreme as the perennial new favorite.

Enjoy the ease of mining and the greater simplicity of earning handsome profits. Crypto has never been more inviting. Spread the word among friends, your list, on discussion groups, social media, and everywhere crypto lovers gather.

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